The John Deere Company used the process of silk screening on their implements until 1940. Silk Screening is a print making process using a screen of silk as a stencil, with ink being pressed through the fabric onto the metal. There are professional screeners who do this today. If you choose not to have this done, vinyl lettering or mylar decals are an option.

Computer cut vinyl lettering is cut from sheets of adhesive backed vinyl by a computer guided blade. The material around the lettering is removed and the pre-spaced letters are sandwiched between a paper backer and spacing tape. Once applied, vinyl decals give the look of silk screened letters.


In 1941 the John Deere company discontinued screening on tractor hoods and began using a water transfer decal. This look is reproduced today using a material called mylar. Mylar is a stronger more durable product than the original water transfer decal.

A note about 20 and 30 series tractors. Originally most 20 and 30 series tractors were painted green, and the yellow section was one large decal with the lettering and numbers screened. This look is best achieved by using the vinyl lettering, although mylar decals are also available.

Both Vinyl lettering and mylar decals are available for all 2 cylinder tractor hoods.
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